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If you are looking for tallish grasses, which flower in late spring or early summer and you wish to use them as a screen, in clumps or statements in mixed borders, look no further than Calamagrostis x acutiflora cvs.


Karl Foesterl Karl Foester in AutumnCalamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Föester' [1.5m] is a versatile, fully hardy grass requiring little maintenance other than cutting down in March, when new growth appears. It is a hybrid and in our experience has never produced fertile seeds. Its vertical inflorescences are loosely feathered with a purplish hue. In August they begin to narrow and turn buff. They have a long season of interest and will stand well into winter.


We stock two variegated forms: C. x a. 'Overdam' and C. x a. 'Avalanche'. Their variegations are reversed. The former has cream/white edges to its leaves and the latter white centre medians.



Calamagrostis brachytricha [90cm] differs from its European cousins by flowering in late August or September. Its inflorescences open green with a noticeable purple tint turning buff later in autumn.




Overdam new growthMaintenance

Calamagrostis should be cut down with shears in March as soon as new shoots are in evidence. The number stems doubles each year and all the growth is new.


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All members of this genus are perennial. They are cool season grasses and can be divided in autumn or spring, but as we stated in the section on Care & Maintenance, we prefer to split them in the spring.


Molinia TransparentThe tall members of the genus are cultivars of Molinia caerulea subsp. arundinacea. and grow to 1.5m or more.







Molinia P P

The smaller relatives are cultivars of Molinia caerulea subsp careulea [Purple Moor Grass]. M.c.ssp.c.'Strahlenquelle' with an arching habit and 'Edith Dudszus' with rich purple spikelets are about 90cm in height. M.c.ssp.c. 'Heidebraut' is more upright and taller at 1.2m.





Nothing could be easier. As winter approaches their foliage collapses and just has to be cleared. New shoots will appear in late spring.

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