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Ornamental Grasses

Grasses catalogue

'Ornamental grass'is a horticulture term, which includes true grasses, sedges and rushes. If you are trying to find an ornamental grass not listed in the catalogue, contact us because plants we stock in small numbers are not included.

We exhibit at Harrogate Spring and Autumn Flower Shows and Lincolnshire and Driffield Agricultural Shows.

We have an extensive range of small ornamental grasses [under 45cm in height], which are suitable for pots, mixed borders and continental style planting schemes.

If you looking for something taller we have a good selection of cultivars of the following genera:-

Miscanthus. More than 40 hardy cultivars ranging in height from 45 cm to 3 metres. With one exception this genus is clump forming. The beautiful and dramatic Miscanthus x giganteus 'Gotemba' is a thug and must be grown in a very large pot.

Miscanthus sinensis var. condensatus 'Cosmo Revert' [ht.1.8m.] is a giant perennial grass sometimes known as 'Emerald Giant'. It has wide leaves with whitish mid-rib. Flowers Sept to Oct.

Molinia. Elegant tall and shorter cultivars, which disintegrate at the start of winter and reappear in late spring.

Panicum. Clouds of beatiful seed heads in late summer/early autumn.They are not happy in heavy clay.

Calamagrostis. Four upright cultivars of the hybrid x acutiflora [1.5m approx] flower early and last well into autumn.

Stipa. Many gardeners are familiar with Giant Oat Grass [S.gigantea].

Tall grasses still look good in winter.

Grasses catalogue