Open by appointment 9.30 - 6.00 pm or dusk.

Contact nos.

01724 733940



All plants are propagated and grown on the nursery.

Good labelling on pots and in the nursery.

Competitive prices.

Extensive range of plants.

Plenty of sound advice.

Plants are of good quality.



Who are we?

Westshores was opened in 1985 by Gail Summerfield as a small retail nursery.  In 2005 the business was downsized to focus on its specialism of ornamental grasses and develop an extensive programme of talks for gardening clubs and hardy plant groups. Gail trained as a botanist and until recently was a part-time college lecturer. She still teaches one privately managed course.

Over the past few years we have reduced the range of perennials we produce to those which make excellent companion plants for grasses.

John Summerfield joined Westshores in April 1995 and along with his responsibilities for mail order, booking talks and nursery maintenance he propagates all the large grasses and bamboos.

We have more and more engagements off site, and we are now open only by appointment. However, if you call on the off chance it is likely we shall be here, but it is a good idea to phone first [01724 733940] or [07875732535].

Westshores is well known in the region for its ornamental grasses. Customers come to us from far and wide to find suitable specimens, and ask for advice on their care and use in planting schemes.

Lincolnshire has a good number of specialist nurseries and if you are looking for ferns with plently of expert advice, we recommend

The Fern Nursery, Binbrook