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Mail Order

Choosing grassesOur mail order system operates on a fairly informal basis. if you have an enquiry or request, please contact us by email or phone [01724 733940]. John's mobile number [07875732535] is the more reliable way to get hold of us during the day.

We check on the availability of stock and get back to you as soon as possible. Emails are picked up each evening.


We require your name, address, post code and a telephone number, when you place your order.


Some comments from customers.

GH - Tyneside. "Plants arrived safely today. Thank you. Stonking siz and health - really great."

SD - London. "Your customer service is second to none."

EJ - London. "Thank you for your excellent service."

VF - Bath. "The plants arrived, still thriving after their extra day in box activity. Thank you so much."

LK - London. "The parcel has arrived safely and the plants are in good condition, the scents are amazing, Thank you."

JG - Westbury. "Thank you so much for the ornamental grasses. What great quality."

RB - Perthshire. " When I opened the large box the smell of scented pelargoniums was stunning."


Mail orderThe minimum order for grasses and herbaceous perennials is £15 plus shipping. There is a charge of 50p per plant for preparation and packing.


The cost for shipping parcels up to 5kg is about £6. Heavier consignments are dispatched with Parcelforce @ £10.50


From mid summer into autumn some grasses are too tall to send out by mail order.

Scented Pelargoniums & Salvias

Please note the arrangements for sending out scented pelargoniums and salvias by mail order are different. We sell in multiples of three for £12 and shippng is £4.14. For details of our stock of Scented Pelargoniums click page.

If you interested in salvias email us for details.


Grasses & Perennials Stock availability

The lists of grasses and autumn perennials on this website only include plants we have in stock in significant numbers. We have many others on the nursery in small numbers.

Click here for a list of grasses or here for a list autumn perennials

If you cannot see what you are looking for on our lists, it may still be worth contacting us.

Pot sizes

Small ornamental grasses are sold in 1.5 litre [4.5 inch] square pots.All the autumn flowering perennials are grown in 2 litre [5 inch] round pots. Tall grasses are sold in 3 litre [7 inch] round pots. A few larger specimens are grown in 5 litre [9 inch] containers.

For ease of packing grasses and herbaceous perennials are removed from their pots and the root balls put in plastic bags. If you are NOT going to plant them immediately, they should be potted up in the meantime.

Please note - At certain times of the year autumn flowering perennials and large grasses may be sent out bare rooted [open ground]. They will quickly establish themselves.


TrustwaveWe prefer to take credit card details over the phone. Your payment is secure and taken shortly before an order is dispatched. No record is kept of your credit card details.

You may pay by BACs, but we require confirmation by email that you have made the payment.


It is our policy to send out mail orders early in the week to avoid delays over weekends. Most deliveries usually take no more than 48 hours.