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01724 733940



All plants are propagated and grown on the nursery.

Good labelling on pots and in the nursery.

Competitive prices.

Extensive range of plants.

Plenty of sound advice.

Plants are of good quality.



Mail order

We have nearly 200 different ornamental grasses in the Nursery. Each year we add a few to the list and drop those, which have not proved to be garden worthy or do not sell. We propagate the ‘warm season’ grasses in early May and therefore new stocks of Miscanthus, Panicum, and Pennisetum are not available until June.

We operate a mail order service on an informal basis because we propagate all the stock and cannot guarantee to maintain a regular supply of every plant listed in the online catalogue. One garden designer with a large project can deplete our stock for a season.

Please contact us by phone [01724 733940 or 07875732535] or email to check on availability and the cost of postage.

There is a minimum order of £15 and we charge 50p per plant for preparation. Orders are shipped out by Royal Mail early in the week to avoid delays in sorting offices.

Unfortunately because of size restrictions it is not possible to send out the large grasses in the period late June to October.


Plant Fairs

If we are coming to a plant fair near you, this may be the easiest way to get hold of the grasses you are looking for. Just contact us a day or two before hand.

Occasionally we can drop off large grasses, if we are coming to a gardening club near you to give a talk.