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We display a selection of ornamental salvias to great effect in large terracotta pots in our courtyard garden. Their colours are vibrant, the flowers long lasting and the aromatic scent from the leaves is strong.

Salvias in courtyard


Ornamental salvias are versatile plants which originate from the Mexican border with the United States. They hybridise easily and most of our garden worthy hybrids come from a few species:

Salvia microphylla - evergreen, with blackcurrant scented leaves.

Salvia greggii - evergreen with spicy scented leaves.

Salvia x jamensis - the hybrid from microphylla and greggii.


These plants and their hybrids can be grown in a sheltered, well drained and sunny border or in containers. They have a long flowering season and if dead headed on a regular basis will flower from May to November. For plants grown in containers the foliage should be reduced by half in early November to encourage new growth in the Spring. Containerised plants should be kept in a cold greenhouse and watered sparingly throughout the dormant period.

A few examples

The heights given are for guidance only. In practice we advise you to reduce their size to make plants more compact.

RHS hardiness ratings.

H3 [RHS] (Half hardy) 1 to -5 degrees Celsius

H4 [RHS] (Frost Hardy) -5 to -10 degrees Celsius


Salvia 'Peter Vigeon'

Salvia x jamensis ''Peter Vigeon'

Masses of mauve-blue flowers from July to November. Striking black buds and aromatic foliage.

Height 90 cm

Hardiness H3 [RHS]



Salvia African Skies

Salvia uliginosa 'African Skies'

Uright clump forming perennials with tall stems of bright blue flowers from July to November. Aromatic foliage.

Height 80 cm

Hardiness H4 [RHS]



Salvia La Mancha

Salvia 'La Mancha'

Bushy evergreen upright plant. Small aromatic pale to mid green leaves. Large showy, bright pink flowers in terminal racemes appear from late spring to autumn.

Height 1.2 m

Hardiness H4 [RHS]


Salvia 'Javier'

Salvia x jamensis 'Javier'

Masses of mauve-blue flowers from July to October. Striking black buds and aromatic foliage.

Height 90 cm.

Hardiness H3 [RHS]



Email us for an up to date list and avaiability of our stock. Orders can be placed by email or over the phone [07875732535]

Mail Order

The arrangements for the mail order of salvias and scented pelargoniums are different from those for grasses and perennials. It is possible to order a mixture of salvias and pelargoniums in batches of 3 for £12 plus shipping.

Salvias can be a little brittle and therefore each plant is sleeved before packing.

We require your address and telephone number. Orders are sent out at the beginning of the week and take about two days.

Payment is taken prior to dispatch. We do not keep a record of your card details and we do not require the security number on the back of your card.

Additional information

You may be interested to know there are the taller, larger leaved hybrids from which are derived the 'Wishes' and Amistad' cultivars. These are half hardy, dying back in the Autumn and producing new shoots from the base in Spring. They must be over-wintered in a frost free greenhouse.