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Scented Pelargoniums

Gail has been building up our stock of scented pelargoniums for a few years and we are now able to sell them by mail order. We send them out in multiples of three for £12 making deliveries more cost effective. The multiples of three can be made up of any of the plants.

Click here for a list of scented pelargoniums

They are good houseplants in the winter months and very good performers in pots outside in the summer.

General Information

Most scented pelargoniums originated from South Africa, where they are drought tolerant and like to live in full sun. From late May they grow well in pots and containers in the garden. As mid October approaches they should be moved inside the house, conservatory or greenhouse kept above freezing.

A few are slightly more hardy, but an experience or a watchful eye is necessary to know when to move them under cover.

Scent is emitted from their leaves which have a wide range of shapes and textures. Many have attractived flowers, but they are not very prominent. Trying to indentify their various scents can be an interesting exercise. Our van loaded the night before a plant fair can have a heady effect as we prepare to set off in the morning.

Good in large pots

Prince of OrangePelargonium 'Prince of Orange' AGM occupies a terracotta pot in our courtyard garden in the summer.


It has compact light green orange scented foliage and clusters of soft, pale pink flowers. Usually about 30cm in height.




Foliage makes the difference

Lady PlymouthApart from differences in scent many scented pelargoniums have a distinctive foliage. A good example is Pelargonium 'Lady Plymouth' (v), which has cream-grey variegated leaves.

Its leaves are rose-peppermint scented with clusters of small pink flowers. Usually about 40cm in height.




Fragrans VariegatumPelargonium 'Fragrans Variegatum' (v) is a bushy plant with nutmeg-pine scented grey green leaves. The leaves have cream and white variegation.

Fragrans variegatum flowers

It produces clusters of small white flowers. Height 30cm.






denticulatumPelargonium denticulatum 'Filicifolium' is bushy with balsam scented ferny leaves.

denticulatum flowerIt produces clusters of pink flowers. Height 30cm.






Cys SunburstPelargonium 'Cys Sunburst' is an upright crispum style. it produces pale pink flowers.


Cys Sunburst flowerThe top two petals and slightly darker with a feathery blotch. Height 25cm.



For a comprehensive list with pictures of the 60+ varieties in the nursery please click scented pelargoniums.

Mail Order

The arrangements for the mail order of scented pelargoniums are different from those for grasses and perennials. Please email your list or telephone to discuss availability [01724 733940 or 0787573253].

We send them out in multiples of 3 [any combination] for £12 plus shipping.

We require your address and telephone number. Orders are sent out at the beginning of the week and take about two days.

Payment is taken prior to dispatch. We do not keep a record of your card details and we do not require the security number on the back of your card.