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Our plants are propagated and grown in the nursery.


Comprehensive information on pot and bed labels.


Extensive range of ornamental grasses.


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Talks - Nursery Visits - Workshops


TalksRecently talks to gardening clubs and other groups have become a major part of our business. The Westshores Team has an extensive list of titles with a diversity of subject matter.

The topic determines whether Gail or John is the lead speaker. For some both make a contribution.



We try to make our presentations informative and entertaining. When there are demonstrations we use a webcam so that everyone can see.

There are 21 talks on our list and more in preparation. We hope there is something for everyone because audiences often contain people with a range of interests and gardening expertise. We have used a code to assist with making an appropriate choice.

[1] general interest; [2] gardening clubs; [3] HPS and specialist groups.

We are willing to travel up 130 miles or 3 hours from home, whichever is the shorter. Overnight stays are possible.


We keep fees to a minimum because we know from our local gardening club how difficult it is for small groups to afford good speakers especially if they have to travel some distance.

For groups under 50 in number our charge for 2016 is £50. For larger groups the fee is £60. If audiences are significantly larger the fee is negotiable. Travelling expenses are being held at 35p per mile.

Whenever possible we bring plants to sell, but we do not pay commission on sales.

Bookings are made by John. Please email or phone him [01724 733940 or 07875732535].

Click here for details of our talks.

Nursery Visits

Garden gateWe welcome group visits and try to make the experience informative.

After a short introduction Gail takes the group into the nursery garden and highlights plants of interest.



Sales areaAlthough we are now a small production unit there is a sales area with a very wide selection of ornamental grasses and a good range of autumn flowering perennials.

Gail's scented pelargoniums can be found in the aluminium greenhouse close to the car park.



There is an opportunity to visit the polytunnel where we propagate our stock and we demonstrate some of the techniques we use.


SitooterieNursery garden

Visitors are then free to explore the nursery and sales area before we serve refreshments in the courtyard



Fuel Store

TeaThere is a charge of £2 per head for a visit and the proceeds are donated to The Gardeners' Royal Benevolent Society - now known as 'Perennial'.




Between 1st April and the end of September gardening clubs can book daytime and twilight workshop sessions. At present there are two practical activities scheduled: Propagation and Flower Familes. Eash session lasts 3 hours with a break for light refreshments. There is a charge of £7.50 per head. Groups must be a minimum of 12 and not exceed 18.

Contact John [01724 733940 or 07875732535 or email] to discuss or make a booking for a visit or workshop.